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Make an icon or two...

Share them with us...

For the love of icons!!
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This community is for people who love making icons, or love trying to make icons. This is a forum for people of all ages to post the work they've done and make it available for sharing. Comments are appreciated and welcomed, but please keep them constructive. This community is for encouragement!!

A few guidelines:
1. Unless otherwise stated, icon posts are NOT for rating. Occasionally, we may feel the need to have a little friendly competition...
2. Please remember that this community is for all ages. Please keep icons appropriate, or notify me first if you have questions about icons that you'd like to post.
3. No drama!! If you start drama, you will be banned...
4. Please don't post text-only. If you're not posting an icon, then don't post.
5. Create away and HAVE FUN!!!